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The Pilot Clinic is your premier destination for comprehensive aviation medical services. We offer all classes of flight physicals, BasicMed exams, HIMS AME services, and alternative color vision testing. Our Senior AME understands the unique needs of every pilot and is experienced in navigating the FAA landscape. Conveniently schedule your appointments online through our user-friendly scheduling tool. The Pilot Clinic is committed to supporting you on your aviation journey!

All Classes of Flight Physicals:

Whether you’re pursuing a First, Second, or Third-Class Medical Certificate, we’ve got you covered. Our examinations ensure your health aligns with FAA requirements.

BasicMed Examinations:

We understand the importance of simplicity without compromising safety. Our BasicMed examinations offer a streamlined process for eligible pilots.

HIMS AME Services:

For pilots seeking assistance with the Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) program, our specialized services provide the support you need.

Enhanced Color Vision Testing:

Our Optec 900 caters to individuals requiring alternative color vision testing methods.

Expert Consultations:

Whether in-person or via telephone, our AME consultations provide clarity for all your aviation medical inquiries.

Special Issuance Guidance:

If you’re navigating the world of special issuances, rest assured that our experienced team will guide you through the process, ensuring accurate submissions to the FAA.

Your Convenience:

At The Pilot Clinic, we value your time and convenience. Our user-friendly online platform lets you effortlessly schedule services and manage upcoming appointments.

Experience the Difference:

“Where Trustworthy Care Takes Flight” isn’t just a motto – it’s our commitment. We are dedicated to being your top choice for obtaining and maintaining your FAA Medical Certificate. With a passion for aviation and a focus on your well-being, we’re here to support you at every altitude.
Choose The Pilot Clinic for your aviation medical needs and embark on a journey of professional care and unwavering trust. Your aspirations are our priority, and together, we’ll soar to new heights.

Which option is right for you

There Are 4 Types of FAA Flight Physicals For Pilots

First Class Medical Certificate

What it is needed for: ATP or Airline Transport Pilots 

If you are new in your aviation journey and are considering a career as an Airline Pilot and plan on attending a part 141 training program, then the First Class Medical Certificate is likely the best option for you. Pilots looking to fly for airline companies should consider their First Class Medical Certificate early in their training. This helps you ensure you can obtain this certificate before completing your training. Although technically, you only need a Third Class Medical Certificate to solo.

Second Class Medical Certificate

What it is needed for: Commercial flying

The Second Class Medical Certificate is a necessary certificate for pilots who are looking to carry passengers or cargo for hire and other commercial uses. The Second Class Medical Certificate is very similar to the 3rd Class, but you are held to higher standards in certain areas, including vision. 

Third Class Medical Certificate

What it is needed for: Private pilot, recreational, and student pilot certificates

The Third Class Medical Certificate is the simplest medical certificate for private, recreational, and student pilots to obtain. This is an ideal option for those looking to fly for themselves. Those looking to fly commercially or for an airline must look at the First and Second Class Medical Certificates. 


What it is needed for: BasicMed is an option for many pilots to have the ability to fly without having to obtain their Medical Certificate.



  • Limited to aircraft able to carry 6 passengers or less
  • Cannot fly an aircraft weighing more than 6,000 lbs
  • Cannot fly with more than 5 passengers

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